Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Our First Stop - Visual Learner On Board!

One of the many things I have learned about my Bubby is that he is a VISUAL child.   
When he was younger, I had tried Time4Learning with him and he loved it.  I only used it for Math, LA, LA Extensions .  
The lessons were very colorful, funny, and entertaining.  He would even ask to do extra lessons!!!   I loved that I had THREE grades to work with, as well.   Once you pick the grade you want your child in, you are allowed to also use the grade below and grade above. 
The problem I had with the lessons was that there were no worksheets to go with them.  So that he couldn't practice what he learned.  Especially in math.  I also felt there wasn't enough explaining and it just wasn't "enough".   This was all prior to his diagnoses and IQ test. 
Two years later and we are back using it.  He had gone from sitting next to me for every subject, to doing all of it on his own!   What a change.   
His grades for LA and Math are great!  (Math is his weak spot due to the Executive Function Disorder)  When he does LA Extensions,  History or Science, though, he is failing.    That is because there are NO videos.  It is reading only.   
So it is time to find something more visual, hands on, for these subjects.   
We will keep Time4Learning for LA and Math.   They work for him and the lessons are short and he is able to process them well.  He is getting 80's, 90's, and 100's on his quizzes.   
I am thinking possibly trying  out BrainPop.  We had used it before and look forward to seeing how much  more they have added since and if it will be a good fit.    
If you have a suggestion, please share them.  I would love to check out your resources.   

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Heading In A New Direction

There have been many  many changes since starting this blog.  Not all positive...not all negative either.   

The Co-op disbanded.   The  length of time and every one's dietary needs ended up being the major factors in the closing of this. 

My eldest moved to Tennessee  but now I am a Mimi to a handsome, chunky Lil Bean! 

My middle child is graduating this school year.   He has a part time job (22-25 hours/week) which means ALOT of taxi driving for this Momma until he gets his license (hopefully) in January.  

My youngest was diagnosed with Autism, ADHD, Anxiety, Executive Function Disorder and just recently had an IQ test done and scored very low, borderline MR.    

This Momma has been very very busy with no end in sight.   

My focus is on my youngest right now.  Trying to find the right curriculum fit.   He hates school and I know the reason why, mostly.   The curriculum I have been using is too dry.....too long.....to challenging....too boring.   

So I am totally going to step out.......and change it up.   

I am going to use this blog to share our ADVENTURE.  That is what I tell him.   Momma has found a way to  make school an adventure!  His eyes light up...as he loves going on adventures with his Momma.  

So  look for some different kinds of posts as I stated above, the Co-op has been disbanded.   But as I do recipes with my love, I will share them.  

And keeping true to the name of this blog.....We ARE Learning As We Go!!   

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Thanksgiving Dinner Chart - Bar Graph Fun!

I am always looking for ways to incorporate math into ANY!!  Math is the LEAST favorite subject in my house, how about yours?  

I created the Thanksgiving Dinner Chart to practise bar graph skills.  It also creates opportunities for each kiddo to engage will friends and family, near or far, in this "research project".   

It is simple, just ask each person what their favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner is.    As your child collects the "data", they can start filling in the chart. 

You can get this Thanksgiving Dinner Chart at my TpT store.  Check out  My Thanksgiving Day booklet , all about the 5 senses- B/W or Color,  while you are there. 

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Printable Halloween Themed Math Game - Addition & Subtraction

Looking for something to help make Math a bit more fun??  I may have just what you need!

Halloween Math Game - Addition & Subtraction

Help Batty get to the Halloween Party.

2 die, 1 penny, token(s)
Roll the die and flip the coin.
Heads=add the two die
Tails=subtract the two die
IF you get it right, move the LARGER die number forward.
IF you get it wrong, lose your turn.  

Lots of fun.....lots of addition and subtraction learning!!!


You can find this math game at my TpT store!   Check out my other math games: Money Race and Gingerbread Man

Monday, September 26, 2016

Fall Themed ABC Order Worsheets

Fall is my favorite season.   We live in Upstate New York and are blessed to see the leaves change, pick apples at the many orchards, go to one of many pumpkin patches in the area.   
With fall all around me, I was inspired to do some more ABC order worksheets with a fall theme.  
You can find all these at my TpT store.
For a limited time, if you go to my Facebook page and message me which one you want, you can have ONE of these fun ABC Order worksheets for FREE!!!!!   

You can get ALL 5 pages in one download here!