Thursday, February 12, 2015

Object Lesson about God's Love with a Science Experiment for Valentine's Day

I found this treasure on Pinterest.   This is perfect not only for your Science and/or Bible class but for co-op, Sunday School class, or youth group. 

Creative Bible Study Lessons & Ideas has so many great object lesson ideas along with great Bible study ideas as well.  This one caught my eye for two reasons:

1.  My friend, who is a leader in her youth group, actually DID this lesson and share on Facebook how awesome it was and how the kids really "got it". 
2. It was perfect for Valentine's Day. 

The  lesson is about how our hearts are empty without God, how He fills them, and then that we need to share Him with others.  

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Valentine's Day Party Ideas - Great For Co-op, Homeschool Groups, Sunday Schools, etc.

Looking for some ideas for your Valentine's Day party?  Amber over at Crazy Little Projects has listed 50 party ideas including:

craft ideas

She has done all the work of putting it all together!

(picture from Crazy Little Projects)

Multiplication Game with US Geography Mixed In, Too!

Are you and you loves working on those dreaded multiplication tables?   or US Geography?  This game is a combination of both - Genius or what??? has an awesome game that reinforces the multiplication tables while labeling a U.S. map.   

(picture from

All you need is a blank US map, deck of cards, and colored pencils. 
As they fill in all the states, they need to assign products.  Now the game can begin using the deck of cards.  

You could also use this game for world geography as well.  Just find blank maps of the country you are studying. 

To get the full directions, head over to You can also download the game after becoming a member...which is FREE! 

Monday, February 9, 2015

Super Cute Valentine's Day Ideas

As I was searching for some cute Valentine's Day ideas, I found a great blog: 

(picture from The Girl Creative)

Diana had done a fantastic job of compiling 31 diverse Valentine's Day ideas.   I know that my loves and I will be doing a few different ones this year.  So head over and check out all the great crafts and recipes. 

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Easy Dinner Night - Baked Ravioli

I found another delish dish for an "Easy Dinner Night". 
The ladies over at What's For Dinner blog shared this awesome recipe for Baked Ravioli.   
The 2 things I loved the most about this dish was:

1. Super super easy.  The kids helped out and cooking together is always the best way. 

2. Super super cheap!  I got everything I needed at Aldi's : frozen raviolis,  spaghetti sauce (that I doctored up), and mozzarella cheese.  

(photo from What's For Dinner blog)

The whole family loved this dinner because they got to help and, well, it is just delicious! 
Head over to What's For Dinner to get the recipe for this easy and cheap dinner!

Monday, February 2, 2015

DIY - Make Your Own Kinetic Sand - REALLY CHEAP!

My youngest loves.....LOVES to play with sand and playdough.  This year for Christmas, I decided to buy him some of that kinetic sand stuff.  He loved it...and so did his older brother!    I liked the sand so much more than playdough as it stayed in clumps....and didn't stick to the floor.   BUT it did keep dwindling down as little by little, the sand got "lost".   I wanted to buy him more...but the price was too ridiculous for me as I knew how quickly he went through it. 
Then....this happened now we both can be happy!

(photo by has a whole post about how to make your very own kinetic sand in a MUCH larger quantity....and MUCH MUCH MUCH cheaper.   For what you pay for a small box in one of the could make 10 pounds of it!!!!!  

They list the ingredients, where to get the ingredients, and the amounts.  They even have a video for those who are visual learners. 

We are definitely going to try this.  If YOU do...let me know how it turned out for you!