Monday, February 22, 2016

St. Patrick's Day Ideas

Looking for some fun ideas for St. Patrick's Day? 

I may have some great ideas for you!

Always love sweet treats!  These Irish Dirt Cakes look fabulous from Outnumbered 3 to 1

Looking for a fun craft to do with your kiddos?   Raising Whasians have 50 for you to choose from. 

St. Patrick's Day Science Fun!!!  

St. Patrick's Day Lapbook
Learn about the origins of this holiday with
"St. Patrick's Day" Project Pack"

Sunday, February 21, 2016

"All About George" - Unit Study of George Washington

As President's Day was approaching, I had my girl make some clip art for me so I could do some worksheets that included George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.    With the clip art done, I was ready to begin....but a few things happened:

#1 -had some medical issues that kept me pretty much exhausted daily for almost 2 weeks
#2 - When I started deciding what to do  and researching, a great idea formulated that turned making a couple worksheets into making a 13 page unit study!

While researching I decided that it would be a great idea to have the kiddos research, too.  I am made this unit study to use  with my 3rd grader and 10th grader.  My 3rd grader may need a little more time with a few things, but there is plenty for my 10th grader to do and stay occupied.  I will make the writing projects longer for him.  

There are 5 sections to my unit study:
Early Years
Survey Like George
Before the Revolutionary War
The Revolutionary War
The Presidency

Each section gives you a URL site to research.  There are directions on each page to guide them.  
This is a pretty straight forward unit study with a few sections where they need to use their own words and write a few paragraphs.  

For the rest of February, I am going to give away "All About George" for FREE. 
To get this fun and interactive unit study, head over to:

Message me there and I will send the PDF file to you!    It is that simple!  

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

10 FREE Valentines Printables

I did a little research to find some fun and FREE  Valentines for Valentine's Day! 

Lego Valentines from The Imperfect Homemaker's site. 

picture from The Imperfect Homemaker

I Spy Game Valentines from Gift of Curiosity's site.

picture from Gift of Curiosity

Angry Birds, Blue's Clues, Pokemon & SpongeBob Valentines from DLTK's site. 

pictures from DLTK

Frozen Valentines from Disney Family's site.

pictures from Disney Family

Alice in Wonderland Valentines from Disney Family's site.

pictures from Disney Family

Jungle Book Valentines from Disney Family's site.

picture from Disney Family

How to Train Your Dragon from The Jenny Evolution's site.

Star Wars Valentines from The Jenny Evolution's site. 

Minecraft Valentines from A Grande Life's site.

picture from A Grande Life

59 GREAT "Regular" Valentines from PopSugar's site.
I think these are my favorites.  They are so unique and some are so clever.  I just love them! 

picture from PopSugar

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Church Time Worksheets

While I was working on some worksheets months ago, I decided to try my hand at making some Church Time Worksheets.  Something my boys could use to keep still and "get through" church.  My youngest asks me 30 times "where are we" on the "Order of Service" sheet from our bulletin.  My oldest stares off into space.....alot.  So, I thought if I could make something that keeps them busy AND engaged in church it would be a WIN-WIN situation for all of us.  

Tonight I decided to make two slightly different ones so that there will be four to choose from. 

You can get any of these worksheets for FREE at my Facebook page.  You will find them in the "Church Time Sheets" Album

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Minecraft Role Play Literature Classes from Skrafty

I was so excited to see that Skrafty has ROLE PLAY literature classes now.  If  just playing Minecraft FOR SCHOOL wasn't enough, now kiddos get to role play. 

picture from Skrafty

Here are the books they are using for class. 

This looks like great fun for any grade!!!   Make sure to check out all the different classes they offer for a very reasonable price.  You will be your kiddo's HERO!