Sunday, November 30, 2014

Abstract Art Coloring Pages

Looking for something a little different for Art class?  I found this great blog : Kids Activities Blog.   They had wonderful FREE printables for abstract coloring. You could also use these sheets to teach about complimentary colors, too.   Pumpkin Pie was home so she and Mr. Man joined BubbyDooDoo Bear in coloring one sheet each.  They did a terrific job!

 BubbyDooDoo Bear's Leaf Abstract

Mr. Man's Apple Abstract

Pumpkin Pie's Butterfly Abstract

To get these FREE abstract coloring pages,  just visit Kids Activity Blog.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Random Acts of Christmas Kindness for Kids

When December comes, our tradition for the past 6 years has been a version of gifting/activities kind of Advent.   I would figure out different activities to do each day of Christmas. Look for a blog post in the future with more details about this.

This year we are going to add to our Advent.   I found this cute blog -  Coffee Cups and Crayons .  Megan created this wonderful calendar for Random Acts of Christmas Kindness!  
I love this because is FOR KIDS!!!!!   Each day is a different act of kindness your kids are capable of doing.   How awesome is that?   A terrific way of getting your loves involved in GIVING in the season where most are only interested in GETTING.   It is also a great way to show your loves how to have a servant's heart like Jesus. 

Head over to Coffee Cups and Crayons to get your FREE calendar.  Just print it out and put it some place you and your loves can see it everyday.  ALSO, Coffee Cups and Crayons are on Facebook.   Megan will be putting up a picture of EACH DAY'S random act of Christmas kindness!!!!  

Friday, November 28, 2014

Made It To Facebook!

Well, in I've learned to "tweet" ...

so now I guess it is time to learn how to do a Facebook page!!!  

I look forward to sharing great things here on the blog, on Twitter and now on Facebook.  I am excited about this new adventure with all this social media!   I hope to see and meet many of you there.  

Come find me at Facebook and Twitter!

Describing Hot Chocolate

The cold has come and in my house that means one thing :

BubbyDooDoo Bear would have 6 a day if I let him!  Mr. Man is in charge of making them.  He has the magic "Hot Chocolate" touch.  He says the "secret" is in the heating of the milk!  

Which of these are YOUR favorite kind of Hot Chocolate:

All the Hot Chocolate drinking inspired me to make a NEW, FREE worksheet. DESCRIBING NOUNS. 
I made one B/W and one color


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving To All!

Wanted to take a quick moment before the hecticness of Thanksgiving Day comes to wish all of you a very "Happy Thanksgiving".  
I pray that all will be blessed with time spent with families and friends. 
I also pray that we really focus on all we have and find things each day to be thankful for...not just during this holiday, but every day.  

May God Bless you all greatly.  

Thanksgiving Bingo - Free Printables

Found another great idea and FREE printable for Thanksgiving Day!
Everyone loves BINGO!  This is a great game that all can play - young and old. 

I found this awesome idea over at DLTK.  What is so awesome about their bingo cards is that YOU get to make them!  There are 6 steps and you get to pick and choose along the way!  I love to be able to customize things!  I will show you how I made mine. 

This is step #1 - choose which size card you want and if you want any free spaces. 

Step #2 - choose your theme.   There are many!  Scroll down until you see "Thanksgiving". 

Step #3 - Choose if you want black/white or color sheets.

Step #4 - Choose if you want vocabulary words added in. 

Step #5 -  Title your bingo cards.   They have great suggestions, but I didn't see any I liked for Thanksgiving.   As you see, I chose "Thank". 

Step #6 - Now it is time to print out your bingo cards and call out sheet.  Pay attention to the -"use the refresh/reload button to generate a new bingo card if you need to print multiples" - or you will be printing the same card over and over!  

Voila!!!  My Bingo Card!!

And the calling card! 
This was so easy.  Click HERE to go get your Thanksgiving Bingo Cards. 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Make Thanksgiving Matter

As I was tweeting this morning, The Busy Mom  aka Heidi St. John, tweeted a wonderful picture.  It really struck me.   I, too, want this Thanksgiving to matter to my kids.  Included in their memories years from now of all the Thanksgiving dinners, laughter, massive desserts, extended family visits;  I want them to remember the relationship that those around them had with God.  What a legacy to pass on to them!

This is Heidi's blog : The Busy Mom.   It is always filled with great encouragement for homeschooling mommas! 

This is her Pinterest site.  Great stuff to pin from here! 

Find her on Facebook, too. 

Turkey Unit Study

While TRYING to figure out this whole "tweeting, twitter"  thing, I saw a "tweet" come across from The Homeschool Scientist.  I was sooo excited!   I love a good unit study and Marci has created a wonderful one!  

She also has done a GREAT "Turkey Feather Science" lesson over at The Happy Housewife!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Thanksgiving Picture Books

If you are looking for some books to read to your loves for Thanksgiving week - look no further!
Allison over at No Time For Flashcards blog has done a wonderful thing.  She has made not only a list of great Thanksgiving picture books....
She even does a little summary of each book for you to help you pick out the books that fit you and your loves!!!!!  How awesome is that!!!! These would also be great if you do do BFIAR or FIAR!

Please go check this great post out!

Life Cycle of a Pumpkin Unit Study

Before November leaves us, I wanted to do a unit study on the lifestyle of a pumpkin.  

BubbyDooDoo Bear and I are going to have lots of fun!!   

We are going to read "Pumpkin Circle" by George Levenson

We will be working on memorizing this poem through out our unit study week.   I found this treasure at DLTK

He will use this writing sheet to write about some things he learned during our reading time.  I found this at Oceans of First Grade Fun blog.

We are going to use these great FREE worksheets about the life cycle of a pumpkin from Mama's Learning Corner blog.

He can color these cards, cut them out, and use them for sequencing.  Preschool Alphabet is to thank for this one!

BubbyDooDoo Bear will then learn about the INSIDE of the pumpkin.
These come from a great set by Curriculum Castle at Teachers Pay Teachers. It is only $5, but there are so many different sheets to use.  Definitely should check it out.

Craft time is always a favorite for him.  This is super easy. You can find the life cycle circles at A to Z  Teacher Stuff Printables blog.  All you need is orange and brown construction paper, green thread and crayons.  Super fun!!

Now that we have completed our unit study, time to see what he has learned!!  This is a great writing sheet to evaluate him with.   Another great sheet from Oceans of First Grade Fun blog.

All that is left is baking class!!!  We will use our family recipe to make a delicious pumpkin pie! Great way to celebrate our unit study!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

THANKSgiving Pumpkin Craft

Here is a great craft to do with your whole family!   You may want to do this before Thanksgiving dinner and use them as decorations.   Maybe you want to do this craft ON Thanksgiving Day with your extended family and friends joining in!  It is super simple, super fun, and gets everyone thinking about what they are thankful for. 

As I was on Pinterest, I came across this great idea, "pinned" it, and clicked on the "pin" to see how to make it.  That brought me to this super cute blog - The Moffatt Girls 

You need orange and green construction paper.   Write what you are thankful for on 8 strips of orange paper.  Cut out 2 green thin strips and two leaves for the name of the creator of the THANKSgiving pumpkin and the year.  

Using a brad or a stapler, arrange each orange strip as seen below. This brad or staple will be the "bottom" of your  pumpkin.

Take the two green strips and curl them using a pencil. These will be the "vines".

Bring the orange strips up together and staple them with the leaves and vines.  Voila! A THANKSgiving Pumpkin! 

Gearing Up for Thanksgiving - Kids

In the hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving, sometimes the boredom of our loves are ignored.   We mommas and papas are so busy cooking, baking, getting the  house cleaned and ready for company, we tend to have less than normal patience for our kids.  

I have found some great FREE printables for them!

Mad Libs - who doesn't like a round or two of them?  Print a few of these out so the kids can ask you and their siblings, but aunts and uncles, cousins and grandparents.  

Free Pretty Printables has the PDF for this treat.

For the jester in your house, Activity has this funny download.

Doodles and Kreations over at Teacher Pay Teachers has this minibook
(Remember, you will need an account for TPT, but it is FREE to sign up!)

Enjoy all the FREEBIES for your loves! 

Saturday, November 22, 2014

FREE Thanksgiving Digital Graphics Download- 3 Piece Set

I am so excited!!!!  My first GIVE AWAY!    So here is the deal:
My personal graphic designer aka, my daughter, has agreed to give away a "3 piece mini pack"  out of her 36 piece set Thanksgiving Packet and 14 piece set Thanksgiving Word Packet.

This give away will expire 11/28/2014. 

Here it is:

To get YOUR -FREE 3 Piece Thanksgiving Mini Pack, all you need to do is go to Shelby's Art Concepts Facebook page and comment : "I saw your FREE giveaway on Learning As We Grow blog!" and she will give you the link for the files.  THAT IS IT!!  Super easy!  

Remember this GIVE AWAY will expire on 11/28/2014 so hurry and get yours and SHARE this post with your friends and family so they can get their mini pack, too!