Monday, February 2, 2015

DIY - Make Your Own Kinetic Sand - REALLY CHEAP!

My youngest loves.....LOVES to play with sand and playdough.  This year for Christmas, I decided to buy him some of that kinetic sand stuff.  He loved it...and so did his older brother!    I liked the sand so much more than playdough as it stayed in clumps....and didn't stick to the floor.   BUT it did keep dwindling down as little by little, the sand got "lost".   I wanted to buy him more...but the price was too ridiculous for me as I knew how quickly he went through it. 
Then....this happened now we both can be happy!

(photo by has a whole post about how to make your very own kinetic sand in a MUCH larger quantity....and MUCH MUCH MUCH cheaper.   For what you pay for a small box in one of the could make 10 pounds of it!!!!!  

They list the ingredients, where to get the ingredients, and the amounts.  They even have a video for those who are visual learners. 

We are definitely going to try this.  If YOU do...let me know how it turned out for you!