Thursday, March 10, 2016

DIY Scrapbook Paper Spring Flowers - 2 Crafts in 1

Seeing more and more grass on our snow covered lawn always gives me hope that Spring is just around the corner.  It also gets my "green thumb" excited, too.  
I did this cute little craft to help hold off my "green thumb" until it is time with the help of my kiddos!  Great thing is that THESE flowers will never die! 

We did 2 different crafts:

refrigerator magnet
potted flower

What you need:

-Make some templates ahead of time (card stock works best)  - 2 different styles of flowers in 3 different sizes.
magnetic strips for refrigerator magnet
small flower pot (got mine at Wal-Mart for $.38 each!)
scrapbook paper - 3 different designs for the flower - green design or plain for the stem and another green for the leaves
jumbo popscicle sticks
dirt or sand (not shown)

Let's Begin!

Step 1: Using your templates, cut out the three flower pieces using your 3 different scrapbook paper. Make sure you mix match them!

Make sure you are tracing around your template on the white side of your paper...

NOT this side.  It is super hard to find the lines!  

Don't forget to cut out your "stem", "leaves", and middle circle!

Step 2: Make your stem and leaves - Put your leaves on the popscicle stick first.  Then put the paper for the stem down.

Step 3: Put the flower together.  

Look at all those different colors and designs...yet goes together beautifully. 

Step 4: Put your flower on the stem.

All done! 

Now let's make one into a refrigerator magnet.  All you need to do is add on the adhesive magnetic strip to the back of the stem.

Who wouldn't want this beautiful flower on their refrigerator? 

Or you can make it into a potted flower! Just add some dirt or sand into your pot and put the flower in.  Looks so pretty! 

 This craft will let Spring in your home ANY time of year!