Sunday, January 25, 2015

Cheap Date Night Ideas - Part 2

Still looking for more great "Date Night" ideas that are cheap?  I have a few more.

Fancy and Romantic "Date Night" - Wanting a fancy "dress up" date that won't empty your bank account?      You can make a romantic DINNER at home: candle light, soft lights, music.   For DESSERT , get all dressed up and go out to that expensive restaurant.   Enjoy all the ambiance of a romantic evening out without all the cost.   You might even want to think of sharing a dessert, too. 

Something New "Date Night" - Is there a ethnic/cultural food you have been wanting to try?  Immerse yourselves in a cultural evening.  Each research different aspects of your evening:

table decorations

-Find out what country the food originates from and learn as much as you can about the background of the culture/dishes.  The library has great travel DVDs about different countries you can borrow for FREE.  
-If you don't want to try making a new recipe, find a restaurant and get some appetizers so you can try a few different dishes.   -Hit a thrift store to find garments that go with your cultural theme.  
-Go to a dollar store and find some items you can use to make great themed decorations for your table and more.   
-For entertainment, see if there is a specific music and/or a dance that goes with your theme get a CD (library would be resource, again) for "mood music" and practice doing the dance together.(Library might have an instructional DVD)