Saturday, March 21, 2015

A Homeschooler's Life - Juggling Act

I was doing a juggling act. I was juggling too many things.  I  looked away for one second and it all came crashing down on me.

Can you relate?

Here was what I was juggling:

being an attentive parent
chief cook
chief house cleaner
patient teacher
newspaper delivering
 attentive friend
time with my Heavenly Father
alone time
budget making
bill paying
having fun

NOW can you relate??

I love blogging!!   I have tried it before, but never really found my niche!  I am  enjoying sharing with all you Mamas the things I am finding, learning, eating, making,etc.  So much so.....that I was doing 2 and sometimes 3 posts a day!!!   That would be great if I didn't have to juggle everything else.   But that is not the life God has given me.   

On top of it all, I lost sight of some priorities.  The ole "I know I am not doing __________ but I will get back to that when I get the swing of doing_____."  I am sure you each can fill the blanks in on this one.   

When you are doing your juggling act, don't exclude your time with God.  I will tell you from experience, that the days I "skip out" on spending time with Him, my days are not peaceful ones.  When my eyes are fixed on God, and my priorities are in check, I can juggle through the day with ease.  Circuses would be calling me to perform!!  

If your juggling act seems "heavy" or like there are "too many" things....pray....check your priorities...pray some more...adjust and start again.

So thankful for new mercies every morning...not some mornings or a few mornings...but EVERY morning.