Sunday, November 29, 2015


In our co-op class, we are finishing this great bear ornament project.   It is such a cute idea and they can do their bears anyway they want to: black, brown, black and brown, polar bear, panda, rainbow, etc. 

I chose to do mine brown and black. My nose got a little messed up and so did my  heart because I couldn't find my tiny brush, but it still came out so cute!

Here is what you will need.

Acrylic paint: whatever color your kids want to paint their bears with.
6 Jumbo popsicle sticks
A package of assorted wooden pieces.  I found mine at Michaels.  
Wood glue
any color ribbon

Let's create!!!!!!

Step 1: Make the base -place 4 of the jumbo popsicle sticks side by side. 

 Cut the 5th stick in half and trim off the rounded ends.  Put glue on the cut pieces and place one near the top and one near the bottom.  Set aside to dry.

Step 2:  Bear Parts - The bear pieces are: 1 large circle, 1 medium circle, 1 small circle, 4 small rounded oblong pieces, and 2 small tear drop shaped pieces (these are to be cut to make the ears).

Step 3: Paint the Bear - paint all the pieces and set aside to dry

Step 4:  Add the ribbon - cut desired amount.  Cut the last popsicle stick to match the top one on your base. Glue each end of the ribbon to the existing horizontal popsicle piece.  Glue the newly cut popsicle piece and put on top of the ribbon and existing piece.  Set aside to dry.

Step 5  Finish the bear - with all the pieces dry, you can add a few remaining details.   For the eyes, use the OTHER end of your paint brush to make them.   Use a small brush to create a horizontal line for the nose (mine didn't turn out as well as I hoped).  If you want,  add a heart, or necklace, or shirt, etc.   Set aside to dry.

Step 6: Finish the base - at this point you can paint your base if you want to.  I don't suggest any kind of "writing" on the base until the bear is glued into place and dried. I chose NOT to color my base. 

Step 7:  Putting it all together!  Glue the nose onto the head.  Start putting together your bear on the base.   If you are going to write on the base, try putting it in the middle. (which mine wasn't ) I chose NOT to write,due to the lack of my tiny brush.  You CAN  use an ultra fine pint sharpie, but they tend to run a little on the sticks.  
You could put a name at the top and the year on the bottom.  If you put a heart on your bear, you could add the words "I love you beary much."  or  "Beary Christmas".  

I hope you and your loves enjoy doing this great craft.  Kids LOVE to make things to give as gifts.   Please share some of your favorite Kid's gift crafts with me in the comments or go to my Facebook page and share them there!  I will pick one to do at our co-op!