Friday, November 27, 2015

Miniature Autumn Fence Craft - Great Craft For Kids

 This maybe cutting it close, but there is still a few days left in November to do a great seasonal kid's craft!

We are doing a co-op this year and we have two shop classes.  One for the older kids (5th grade and up) and one for the younger kids.   The older shop class was going to make one of these very cute wooden lawn ornament.  

MY job is to TRY to do a similar shop class with my younger kids.  This is what I came up with, and this is MY youngest love's, so please try to understand his "artistic expression". :)

Due to time limits, we completed this project in 2 classes (2 weeks).  It was pretty easy and super fun!  They felt very accomplished because their siblings only did ONE (pumpkin, scarecrow, or turkey) and they did all three!!

 Great news is that most of the supplies you can get at any dollar store!
Here is what you will need:

5 - Jumbo popsicle sticks
3 - paint stir sticks @Wal-Mart in the paint section for FREE!
2 - regular sized popsicle sticks
1 - package of googly eyes
Acrylic paint: orange, light blue/jean-color, brown, creme, white
Wood glue
yellow yarn
small square of handkerchief - like material
regular glue
1 - green pipe cleaner
1 small sheet each of: white, black, green, tan, yellow, orange
3 -  small strips of adhesive magnetic strips
FINE sandpaper (optional)

Step 1:  Paint the 5 jumbo sticks white and set aside to dry.

Step 2:   IF you are getting the paint sticks from Wal-Mart, you will cut the sticks just before the curve part (see the picture above).   OPTIONAL: Using fine sandpaper, have your child sand the cut ends of the paint sticks smooth and rounded, along with any sides that aren't smooth. 

Step 3:  Paint each paint stick a different color -  #1 paint the whole thing orange, #2 paint 3/4 light blue/jean-color, #3  paint the whole thing brown and set aside to dry.

Step 4: Take the 2 regular popsicle sticks and cut them in half.  Have the child paint them on ONE side any colors they wish.  They will be the feathers for the turkey.  Set aside to dry. 

Step 5:  Using the foam sheets: cut  2 GREEN  leaves, ORANGE  nose for the scarecrow, TAN rounded hat for the scarecrow (not shown in young child's shop class project BUT in the older child's shop class project), BLACK pilgrim hat with WHITE strip above the brim for the turkey, WHITE pilgrim shirt for the turkey, YELLOW nose for the turkey.  

Step 6: Cut some strips of yarn to use as the scarecrow's hair. 

Step 7: Using the handkerchief material, cut a triangle to use as the scarecrow's bandanna

Step 8: Take the green pipe cleaner and fold it in half.  Put a pencil in the middle and take one end and wind it around the pencil and do the same on the other side.   This makes the pumpkin vine.

Step 9:  Take the 5 white jumbo sticks and glue them together with wood glue to resemble a fence. (like the picture below) Set aside for the glue to dry.

Step 10: Start decorating each painted stick using either wood glue or regular glue :
Orange - 2 green leaves and the pumpkin vine

Blue - 2 googly eyes, yellow yarn for hair, tan hat, orange nose, bandanna

Brown - Using wood glue, put the feathers on the back, on the front put 2 googly eyes, yellow nose, pilgrim hat, pilgrim shirt

Step 11:  Put the 3 magnetic strips on the back side of the fence on each vertical post.

Step 12:  Using wood glue, put the pumpkin, scarecrow and turkey on the fence.   (The kids found it easier to put the turkey on one of the ends due to it's feathers.)

Enjoy this seasonal craft!