Sunday, January 10, 2016

How To Stuff A Pork Chop

Stuffing a pork chop is very easy.  If I can do it, you can do it! 

You will need
 thick pork chops about 1 1/2 inches thick or more.
A fillet knife or small sharp knife 
cutting board
wooden skewers or tooth picks. 

Let's make a pocket in the chops! Get a fillet knife or a small sharp knife. Put the pork chop on the cutting board and hold like so: 

Now use your knife to puncture the middle of the thickness. You want to cut a slit and continuing to hold the pork chop, increase the slit almost the length of the chop.  After you make the slit, use the knife to go deeper into the chop, but not so deep that you cut through the other side. 

My first cut. You can see that I didn't cut the entire length of the chop.  It, also, isn't deep enough.

Let's try is getting deeper.  It needs to be a bit more deeper.  With your hand on the top of the chop,  you should be able to feel where the knife is and how much "space" you have before you cut through to the other side. 

Now it is just right! Nice and deep.

Let's STUFF the pork chop. Using a spoon, start putting your stuffing inside the pocket.  Make sure to push it deep inside, filling the whole pocket up. Fill it almost to the edge.  You don't want to over stuff as your "stuffing" will end up coming out! 

Closing up the chops!  Take your skewer and starting at one side, puncture, at an angle, completely through the chop. (If you are using tooth picks you will want to weave a few vertically across the opening.)


Then "weave" the skewer through the rest of the chop's side.

That is it!  See, pretty easy!   You can use any stuffing you like.  We do a very different kind of stuffed pork chop.  Check out my "NOT Your Average Stuffed Pork Chop" post to see what we use.