Tuesday, January 26, 2016

THIS Homeschooling Momma's Review - 2016 Biblical Calendar Study by Grapevine Studies

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I recently did a review on Grapevine Studies and their products.  (You can read that here.)

They were kind enough to let me know about one of their newer products - 2016 Biblical Calendar.  They also gave me a sample to "test drive" and I wanted to share my thoughts about it. 

picture from Grapevine Studies

I received the "Calendar Notes" via a pdf download, which I love - impatient girl over here. 

picture from Grapevine Studies

I started reading about the "Evolution of the Calendar" and about the Biblical Weeks and the Biblical Months and so much more!

picture from the Calendar Notes
We were already into the middle of January but decided that the boys would love playing "catch up".   I found a blank calendar in my Microsoft Word program, edited it to include the Biblical names of the months, too.

Then we started.   

First, I had them locate the day and made sure to use the Biblical names of the month as well. Then I read to them what my Calendar Notes said.  As we moved through the month, we  looked up any Bible references,too. 

picture from the Calendar Notes

 I explained to them  the significance of each day and the matching drawing.
(My youngest is drawing January 10/Tevet 29 - the baptism of Jesus)

 We worked on all the days to catch us up to date.   

Every calendar has a picture.  We used the picture that is in the 
"Wall Calendar Sample" for ours, as it is for January. 

My boys are really excited about doing this calendar.  They love all the little bits of information they are learning.  It also brings the Bible to life for them as well.   We put our loved one's birthdays and deaths on our calendar, so having Biblical people such as Simeon's "birthday and death day" added in this calendar made them more "real".  

This 2016 Biblical Calendar  is very engaging.  We have our Bibles out and are all learning together - that is always an awesome thing.   Not only is this great for homeschooling, but would be perfect for an ongoing Sunday School project, too. 

Grapevine Studies makes it very simple to get their products and their prices are super reasonable.  You can can choose to have the Wall Calendar and Calendar Notes mailed to you or have them sent to you via PDF downloads.  (fabulously fast!) 

I did make my own calendar, but I WILL be getting the Wall Calendar from Grapevine Studies.  She has set it up beautifully with alot more room for the boys to do their drawings in than what I provided.

Head over to Grapevine Studies and get it NOW as it is on sale until the end of January!    

And that is just - THIS Homeschooling Momma's Review