Monday, January 11, 2016

THIS Homeschooling Momma's Review - Grapevine Studies

(*this is an affiliate post*)

When Mr. Man was in 6th grade, I was looking for something to spark his excitement during Bible class.  We had experimented with a few different kinds over the past 6 years of school and nothing seemed to really keep his attention.
I think part of the issue is that he is partially a "hands on" kind of learner. 
In my searching, I came across Grapevine Studies and fell in love with their concept:

Stick Figuring through the Bible!!!

So different!  So Fresh!  So Interactive!
Not only did Mr. Man love it, BubbyDooDoo Bear did, too. 

Each lesson gave me the Bible verses we were to read, what we were to discuss and then what the kiddos where going to draw and how to draw it.  It was so easy for me!

sample picture from Grapevine Studies

Each lesson's drawings were in a simplistic form - easy for them to draw and remember that story!
sample teacher's timeline from Grapevine Studies

There are even memory verses and not only review for the verses, but lesson reviews, too. 

Sample Memory Verse Review from Grapevine Studies

Not only did the spark of excitement come back for our Bible class, but I soon found them drawing stick figure drawings in their spare time!   For this momma it was a win-win situation! 

This is what I liked about Grapevine Studies:

Different approach to teaching Bible class  - It is definitely NOT your average Bible class.  Colorful, hands-on, and super fun.

Follows Biblical doctrine - It is very important that a Bible curriculum agree with MY biblical beliefs and doctrine.  This did 100%.

Ease of ordering - I am super impatient.  I LOVE a curriculum that let's me get what I want NOW!   Grapevine Studies does that.  You can get the workbook sent to you or you can get it via ebook!  YES!!  In my hand...or printer immediately!

So many levels for all ages - I got the traceables for my youngest.  It really helped him to be able to draw like mommy could.  My older son, was able to do it on his own and all  of doing the same lesson.

Not just for homeschooling - We loved using this so much that I brought it to our co-op.  Because of the multi-level books, I was able to teach many different ages.  The younger ones I could use the traceable ones.  This would also be great for Sunday School class, too.

What I didn't like about Grapevine Studies:

I can honestly tell you - affiliate or not - there was nothing that I didn't like.  My oldest just "out grew" it after a few years. (exact words of Mr. Man who is never happy for long with any curriculum.)

Not only do I feel this is a GREAT Bible curriculum, it also inspires a desire to draw as well.  
And that is just - THIS Homeschooling Momma's Review

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