Tuesday, December 8, 2015

A Homeschooler's Life - Christmas Break

picture from www.history.com

Many homeschool families have had to struggle with Christmas break- how long to make it, or even if they should do it at all. 

  "Thanksgiving just happened and that took a few days away from our precious schedule that we try desperately to stay on.  Meanwhile, The Smith family is taking a full month off!" 

Sound familiar?   We aren't comparing are we? (we covered that topic last week - A Homeschooler's life - The Comparing Game.)

You need to do what fits your family best.  NO MATTER WHAT. 

 I am a FIRM believer in taking December 24th and 25th off.  A great time for families to gather together to celebrate the birth of Christ.  If you are not a believer, it is still so important to be together as a family.  These are the times when extended families gather together with us.  Kids need these connections.

 You also get the pressure from the kids - "Well public school kids get two weeks off!"  I always respond with - "Yes, but they do school for 7 hours a day, would you like to do that, too?"  That usually quiets the mutiny!  

If you are burnt out , how can you be an effective teacher?  The holidays can really get to us Mommas!  Take some kind of break for your sake, and the kids!  ;) 

If your kids get bored easily, and need the structure and schedule, use the break to do a unit study of something wintery.  Polar bears, hibernation, snowflakes, candy canes, etc. 

If you have a child like mine, who "loses" material if we don't work on it regularly, then just do a few subjects that they struggle with.   I found out he was like this two years ago.  We took our summer off and he "lost" almost all his math skills.  So we always make sure to at least do math.  

If you can't take a break, change up the schedule a bit, make it more like a vacation by making cookies during Math time, or watching a movie for History class, or gather everyone together on your bed for some hot chocolate and read to them.  Think outside the box! 

Some families double up on subjects in order to take a full month off!  God bless you!  I wish we could.   I think that would be awesome! 

Again, DO WHAT IS BEST FOR YOUR FAMILY!  You know their needs better than ANYONE.  Make your choice without guilt and without comparing!  

Whatever you choose....enjoy it full heartedly.