Friday, December 11, 2015

Snowman Finger print/Hand print Craft

This was one of the 4 crafts we did today in co-op and by far my most favorite one!

What you will need:

any sized  canvas - we used 5x7
acrylic paint
paint brushes
hair dryer (optional)
hot glue gun (if you are going to hang the canvas)

Step 1 - Have child pick out the color they want to paint their background.   It can be more than one if they want. Paint the whole canvas making sure that it is painted evenly.  Set aside to dry. (or use the hair dryer to rush the drying process along.  We used the dryer!  Worked beautifully!)

Step 2 - Paint your child's 4 fingers and top part of their hand white.  Press onto the dried canvas.  Use a paint brush to smooth out the "palm" part so it looks like a hill.  Set aside to dry. (or use hair dryer)

Step 3 - Paint a black (or whatever color) hat on each snowman.  Using the OTHER END of the brush, make his eyes and button down the front.   Using the orange, just dab the brush in the paint and then touch the face.  It will give a "straight" line for the carrot nose.   Using brown and the OTHER END of the brush, make twig arms.  You can also use the OTHER END and the white paint to make snow.  Set aside to dry. (or use hair dryer)

Step 4 (If you are hanging) - Cut a piece of ribbon and attach each end via hot glue gun. 

Oh how I love this boy! 

Here are some of the other creations from the kids in the co-op.  You will also see their finished Nativity Craft that I posted about last week!