Saturday, December 19, 2015

Candy Cane Heart Candies

I have NEVER made candies before in my life. (This is one of two I made this year.) These were the easiest things I have ever made....and so cute and pretty, too!!

What you will need: 

small candy canes
white chocolate chips
milk chocolate chips
parchment paper and cookie sheet or something flat than can be moved to a cooler location
piping bag or small ziploc baggie

Step #1: Put the candy canes in a heart shape on the parchment paper. 

Step #2: Melt ONE of the chocolates in a microwave.  Do this in
 30 second increments.  

Step #3: Put the melted chocolate into the piping bag or ziploc baggie. 
(If using a ziploc baggie - put all of the chocolate in and maneuver it down to one corner.  Then make sure all the air is out of the bag.  Cut a tiny snippet off that corner.  If you want the piping to be larger- make a larger whole, smaller piping line - smaller hole.)

Step #4: Pipe the chocolate inside the "hearts" you made.  Put sprinkles on the top of the chocolate. 

Step #5: Melt the OTHER chocolate and repeat steps 2-4. 

Step #6: Put in a cooler place to set.