Monday, December 21, 2015

Reindeer Bark - Adorable, EASY, & Delish!

This is my first attempt at making any kind of bark....and I loved it!!   It was so easy to make and a great treat for the kiddos to help make, too.

What you will need:

1 full bag of milk chocolate chips
candy eyes
red sixlets or you can use red M&M type candies.
parchment paper
cookie sheet
crushed candy cane (optional - we did one batch with and one without)

*cut the pretzels in half.  I used a knife and kind of "sawed" was the best way to get clean breaks.   Every time I "pressed down" onto the pretzel to break it, it crumbled.  I did go through many to get the "antlers". *

Step #1:Melt ONE of the chocolates in a microwave.  Do this in
 30 second increments.  

Step #2: Pour the melted chocolate onto the middle of the 
parchment paper.  

Step #3: Start spreading the chocolate out into a rectangular shape, NOT to the edges of the parchment paper, though.  It took a bit for me with this and my OCD to try to make it smooth and even. 

Step #4: Place the eyes, nose and "antlers". (add the crushed candy cane after the reindeer are made if you are going to add them.)

Step #5: Let it set somewhere cool

Step #6: Using a knife to "map out" the sections you want by putting "grooves" into the bark.  Afterward, you should be able to gently apply pressure and the bark will break in the sections you created.

You can see one of my "grooves" where it did NOT break, but broke next to it. 

This was super fun to make!