Tuesday, December 9, 2014

"Cheer Up"

My daughter draws as well as doing graphic designing.  She has a comic strip character she has created called Yukki (You-Kee).  She just finished a comic strip.  I always get a sneak peek before she does the finishing touches and puts it up on Tapastic. 

I fell in love with it.  

There are times when everyone needs a bit of "cheering up".  No one does it better than the Father - OUR Creator.  When I look at this ...I think of God and how He loves me. When I am down, even though it maybe a small thing in comparison to so many BIGGER things going on in the world, He takes the time to let me know He is there.   I have "felt" this before.....have you?  Have you felt he Hand of...or "Finger" of God touching you?  

If you are a little down in the dumps today...I hope this will cheer YOU up. 

"Cheer Up" - A Yukki Comic Strip by Shelby