Sunday, December 14, 2014

What Type of Learner Do You Have?

For me to be an effective homeschooling momma, I found I really needed to find out what type of learner my loves were.  

Every child is different even in families.  One of my first, and biggest, mistakes was thinking that they would all use the same curriculum with the same results.   If you use the wrong style of teaching with the wrong type of learner you will end up with BOTH of you frustrated.  
If you have a visual learning and have them do an audio book for reading, it can be a disaster.  BUT when you figure out what type of learner you have and you create their curriculum around that, it will open up a whole new world for them.    
If you don't know what type of learner you are, try different styles with them until you see one that "clicks" for them.  

Not everyone is just ONE type either:

Pumpkin Pie is a visual/kinesthetic learner.  
She  needs to see it and then  DO it. 
Pictures/videos would be good for these kinds of learners.  Then add hands on projects about what they watched to help cement the lessons. 

Mr. Man is a visual/kinesthetic/auditory learner.  He needs all three.  
Picture/videos, hands on projects and audio books work with this type. 

BubbyDooDoo Bear so far is visual.  I am sure we will learn more as we go along about what else fits him. 
Pictures/videos work great for these types.

This picture is awesome in explaining the different types of learners. This will also help you identify what type or types your loves are.