Thursday, December 11, 2014

"Homeschool" Sick

Our house has been hit by sickness this week.  At least, momma, got it last.  God is awesome that way.
  BubbyDooDoo Bear is always the first to get sick and has such high fevers.   Then, Mr. Man gets it and it heads right into his asthmatic chest.  So our sick time is usually pretty long.

I found this funny comic and could so relate to it this week.  

When the boys are sick, I really have to decide "how" sick  they are and what they can focus on.   BubbyDooDoo Bear is more of a concern for me than Mr. Man as his attention issue and processing make him forget alot if we aren't doing some school almost every day. 

I try to find things that are education and fun to do, so it doesn't make them feel like they are really doing school and I don't feel like a "meanie". 

I was so glad I had made this sheet it was perfect for our sick days and he could practice his money skills.

We all enjoy playing this game: Destination USA.  I bought it last year for a family Christmas present. It is so much fun and the kids really start to learn when the states are located.   It is very fun for all ages, too.   This is great for sick days  and if you are teaching US Geography, double win!