Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Geography Matters!

A couple of years ago, I was searching for an US Geography curriculum that I could do with both my boys.  Since there is an almost 7 year age gap, that can be difficult to do.  
I was so blessed to find a GREAT geography curriculum AND they do US and World geography!

Geography Matters takes all the hassle out of teaching this class.   I purchased Trail Guide to US Geography on CurrClick for elementary, intermediate, and secondary grades.

So many things about this curriculum that I loved: 
1. It was easy to use. 
2. It was fun.
3. It was perfect for the homeschooler who has kids in different grades.  
4. They each made a notebook with with all the printables they used.  Something they could save and share with family members and friends.

Each state has a map for you to print out:

There is a "Drills & Mapping" page.  Here your loves do some mapping skills and answer questions about each state. Each sheet covers 2 states.  There is research involved and I think that is fantastic because it can be done together! 

This one is for primary: 2nd-4th

This is for Secondary: 8th-12th

Each state also has mini reports. 

This is the Primary mini report page.  There are boxes for them to draw pictures in or to paste pictures in. :

The Secondary mini report page. A bit more research and their page has boxes, too: 

My loves favorite page was "States of the Union" page.  This is where they found out many details like: state bird, state tree, population, date of statehood, etc. Great research page!

There is so much more than this!!!  Included are MANY  pages of different state projects your child can do.  MANY printables for them to keep for each state like "Face the Facts" where you can put in the facts YOU want to find out in each state.   There are also crossword puzzles that you can make for each state and on and on.  I was amazed at how much there was. 
You can do this weekly, bi-weekly, or how ever fits best for YOUR homeschool situation.

For more information just click the product you are interested in below. 

We really enjoyed this and learned so much from the states we have studied. 

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