Monday, December 22, 2014

Literate and Create - The Gingerbread Man

BubbyDooDoo Bear and I did a really fun Literate and Create today!  The Gingerbread Man and the oven.  Inside is a sheet that your child fills out about the story. 

 I will warn you, the pictures didn't come out well (I need better lighting), but they do tell how to do this craft!

We read this book via Kindle today.  It was only $.99!!!!!
Click on the picture below to get my FREE printable for this craft.  I made it to follow exactly what is going on in The Gingerbread Man (Keepsake Stories) from Amazon.  Have your love fill it in before you begin the craft. 

Let's Begin!

Here is everything you will need:
1 - Gingerbread Man printable
1- white sheet of paper
1- brown sheet of paper
1- black sheet of paper
1- piece of aluminum foil
1 - gingerbread man cut out
ruler, pencil, crayons, a card (playing card), penny, bottle top and glue

1. The Oven
Fold the white paper, but not evenly, you need to leave room for the oven dials. 

Mark the paper at 2 1/2 inches from the right side.

Draw a line to the top...

and cut.

2. The Oven Window

Using the card, trace around it on the aluminum foil and cut.

Glue the window on the front of the oven.

There is your window.

3. The oven door handle.

Measure 6 1/2 inches on the BLACK paper.  You want a little extra because you need to fold each end.

Glue on your handle.

How cute is that?

4. The dials

Using the bottle top, trace circles on the BLACK paper and cut out.  Using the penny, trace circles on the WHITE paper and cut out. 

Glue the black dials on the top part of your oven. 

Glue the white circles inside the black ones.  We wrote "Off, H, M,L" on the dials.

Your oven is now done on the outside!  We will get back to the "inside" in a moment.  Time to make our Gingerbread Man!

5. The Gingerbread Man

Using the cutout of a gingerbread man, trace it on the BROWN paper and cut. 

With the pencil and crayons, decorate your Gingerbread Man.

6. Inside the Oven

Cut out the filled in printable on the dotted lines.  

Glue it to the inside of your oven.  Make sure you have it even with the bottom, that way it won't show up over the top of the door. 

Glue your Gingerbread Man where you would like to, but so he is peeking out, ready to jump!! 

When you re-fold your oven,with the printable inside, if there is any excess hanging off either side, just trim it.   

Voila!   You have done it!