Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Memory Jar for 2015.

I am all about traditions.   To me these are a huge part in making memories.   Also, they are something you can pass down to your loves and they can do with their own loves and on  and on.   
We are starting a new tradition this year after the ball drops to bring in 2015. 
A Memory Jar

I think this idea is wonderful.  Through out the year, write down things that have happened on a slip of paper and put it inside the jar.  On the next New Year's Eve, gather your family and read  every "memory".  A great way to reflect on the year. 

A Memory Jar is very easy to make. 
You decorate it the way you want to.  You can even use different colored paper to represent each person in your family. Make it personal and your own.  That is the beauty of this project as it represents YOUR memories of the year.  

Here is ours:

If you want to preserve these memories I have a great idea!!
Put all your "memory papers" into trading card pages. They would fit nicely in each section.  Then keep all these pages in a binder. Use the insertable tab dividers for each year! Great family project.