Monday, December 1, 2014

Fill Your Cup With Love

Remember "that friend" I posted about earlier this month?  Well she posted a fantastic picture up a few minutes ago.  When I saw it, a blog post started formulating in my mind...and I just had to share.  
I know there are many mommas out there, homeschooling or not, that aren't "filled" enough or with the right things.   When we are feeling unloved or unappreciated, we try to fill that void with whatever makes us "feel good/better" for the moment.  We seek out what we are missing and sometimes it is not from the right sources.   

I don't have this whole "filled" thing down, so let me tell you that upfront.  I AM trying though.   If you have a void inside you, as I did, the ONLY thing that truly and continually filled me was God.   There are days I still feel less than "full" but I know that is ME not reaching out to Him, neglecting Him.  My loves DO fill me also, but there are days they and I are acting less than loving toward each other.   Same with spouses.   

When those less than "full" days come at you, please do not fill them with quick fixes, fill them with lasting love.   I hope this picture encourages you as much as it did me today.