Thursday, December 18, 2014

Unique Christmas Gift Idea - Seeds of Encouragement

Looking for a very different gift to give this Christmas?  Do you know someone who has everything and you have NO idea what to give them?   Is someone laying heavy on your heart because they are going through a rough time?  

Seeds of Encouragement might be the solution. 

I love the verse this company is based on. "Encourage one another and build one up one another.."  We all need to be encouraging each other. 

Seeds of Encouragement provides "30 Days of Encouragement" card sets along with other personalized products. Each card has a verse on it that is personalized to whom ever you choose to send it to. 

It can be sent to the recipient two ways:

1. The boxed set. 

Each set comes with an explanation card telling who sent this gift (unless they want it to be anonymous) and what it is. 

2. daily mailings

The explanation for the daily mailing set. 

I found this to be such a unique and different gift idea not only for Christmas but for any occasion. 

You can find Seeds of Encouragement on Etsy or Facebook