Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Learning About American History Via Movies!

When I teach history, I am always looking for something to make it come "alive" for my loves.  One of the ways I try to do this is by finding a movie to help "cement" what we are learning about.

  I was THRILLED to see that Heart of Wisdom blog has done all the work for me when I teach American History!  They have a FREE list for you to download! 

They have separated history into time periods and the found movies that coincide with that period.  How fantastic is that?   History class = movie and popcorn!!!!

There are a few different places to get these movies:

1. Your local library.  In my area, many libraries are linked to each other, so even if my library doesn't have it, another might. 

2. Amazon Instant Videos - no subscription, you pay for only the movies you watch. If you have Amazon Prime - you can get movies for free!

3. Vudu - no subscription, you pay for only the movies you want to watch.

4.  Netflix - you need a subscription for this either for movies via streaming 
or DVD

5. YouTube - no subscriptions, but you might have to watch the movie in many parts. We have used YouTube many times.