Monday, January 5, 2015

Cheap "Date Night" Ideas

Every marriage needs some one-on-one time.  "Date Nights" are a terrific way to reconnect without your little loves around.  Sometimes lack of time or money end up canceling these much needed escapes.  If you can find the time, I can give you a few ideas of some cheap "Date Night" ideas. 

Silly "Date Nights" - not looking for a candle lit, bottle of wine, staring longingly into each other eyes" kinda of "Date Night"?   Are you both adventures and love to laugh together?   
-Set a small budget, $5 a piece, and hit a thrift store.  You each pick out an entire outfit for the other.  Make it as serious or funny as you want.  Make sure to take lots of pictures. 

Romantic "Date Nights" - Needing to connect on a more  romantic level?  
- Picnic time.  If the weather won't "play nice" with your "Date Night", then do one inside.   Give your spouse some directions.  His job, in the days or weeks leading up to this date, is to pick up  a few of your favorite snacks/beverages.  He is also to list 3 things he is willing to do for/to you at your picnic.  You do the same with his favorite snacks/beverages.  Also making a list of 3 things you are willing to do for/to him on your picnic.   Each write  your 3 things on small pieces of paper, folded, and put in  separate glasses/containers.  At the picnic, exchange glasses/containers and take turns throughout the evening sharing what is written on the papers. 

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I will share more cheap "Date Night" ideas next week.