Saturday, January 3, 2015

DIY Kid's Craft - Making A Colonial Lantern

While learning about how the colonists lived, we incorporated some hands-on activities, and made a colonial lantern.   It was easy and so much fun.  This was only suppose to be for BubbyDooDoo Bear, but after Mr. Man saw how much fun it was, he wanted to do it, too. 
This is also a great way to recycle these cans.   

You need two clean cans. 
**Mamas make sure there are no sharp edges**

Add water to the cans and place in the freezer in an upright position.

Once frozen solid, place on a towel, on a flat surface.  You will need a large straight nail and a hammer.

Using the nail and hammer, puncture through the side of the can. 
**You can use a marker to make a design before you start, if you want.**

When you are finished with all your holes, run warm water in the can until the ice melts.
If the ice "pushed" the bottom out, gently hammer it back in until it is flat for the candle.

Place the candle inside the can and light it.  
We used a number birthday candle, as it was the only thing we had. 
**Mamas the inside might be sharp from the puncturing.**

BubbyDooDoo Bear's is on the left and Mr. Man's is on the right. 

Great job boys! 

To see the instructional video for this craft visit our