Thursday, January 8, 2015

Remicade #3 With My Girl

As I have shared with you all in the post "Crohn's Awareness Week" , my girl has Crohns.   It has been quite a journey with it all.  The meds she was using weren't effective enough, so she had to make the hard decision to start Remicade. 

Today is Remicade infusion #3.  This is the infusion that will let us know if she is going to have an allergic reaction or not.  

She is a little "ill" as she doesn't like the spot the IV was in this week.  It was more on the side of the elbow, then in the middle.  I had to cover it as it was causing a lot of anxiety for her. 

Remicade has done wonders for many Crohns patients, I am praying that she will be one of them.   I am really hoping that aside from helping all the intestinal issues, it will relieve her of all the arthritis pain.   It is in almost every joint on her body now.

Unfortunately, there are many side effects.  This one scares us the most:

  • "Higher risk of lymphoma or other cancers (including skin cancer)"
It is really hard to not let THAT penetrate a Mama's heart.  It is hard to know you are "trading" health issues.  Possibly get lymphoma but won't have arthritis pain....kind of thing.    But....God knows it all.  All this has passed through His hands and there is nothing hidden from Him.  There is much comfort in that.   

If you would like to learn more about Remicade, click this link

If you or someone you know has Crohns, please get support, or be the support.  This can be an overwhelming and lonely disease.   There are many support groups on Facebook find one and engage!