Thursday, January 8, 2015

Getting Kids to Work Independently

One of the goals I want to accomplish this school year is getting BubbyDooDoo Bear to work a little more independently.   It has felt for half of this school year, I have sat next to him every second of our day.   With his "lack" of focusing, there is a lot of redirection back to what he is suppose to be doing.   It can lead to a frustrating day if there are other things needing to be done, or Mr. Man needs my help.   

I was so excited to find this blog post via a Pin.  Heather over at Only Passionate Curiosity has come up with awesome tips, ideas, and printables to help this process!   I really think BubbyDooDoo Bear will respond well with the printable "To Do List" .  

(picture taken from Only Passionate Curiosity)

Head over  to Only Passionate Curiosity and check out all the tips and ideas she has!  I am sure you will find something to help you and your loves, too!