Tuesday, January 13, 2015

DIY Yarn Letter Craft

 In my post "Favorite Pins This Week - 1/4/15" I showed a cute craft about yarn and a large decorative letter.  So I got the  letter and had my girl pick out some items to decorate her letter with.  The letter was only a little over $2. I got it at  A.C. Moores.  We chose $1 yarn.  The stickers cost $1.97 and the hair bows were $3. The only thing I wasn't happy with the price, were the hair bows.  But we could't find anything else that she liked.   All in all, not that expensive of a DIY craft. 

Here are the supplies she used:

Use glue to help the yarn stay in place. 

Then "just" start winding the yarn around the letter. This wasn't as easy as it appeared to be.  We aren't sure if it was because of the font of this "S" or that it WAS an "S".  The yarn wouldn't stay, even with glue, at the ends of the letter. 

Finally the yarn part is finished. The worst parts were winding it around the curves.

Now time to decorate.  She chose these awesome "Artist" stickers and some flower hair clips. 

Next, she decided to paint the ends of the letter.

She did a great job.