Tuesday, January 6, 2015

DIY Framed "Name Cloud" Project

Looking for a great idea for birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, graduations, etc.?
This is a wonderful DIY project.  It is super easy...super cheap...and YOU can do it all within a few minutes.  Even you little loves could make one!

For our project, I used my daughter.    I went to WordItOut to make my "cloud". It was very simple to make the cloud.   I chose to type in her name and words that described her.  I included names her grandmother called her, names I have called her, and who she is in my eyes.  When I was all done, I pressed the "Word It Out!" button and poof...there was my "cloud".

-You can change the color of the background and the different hues you want for all the words.  
-You can control what font you want and the size of that font.   There is a preview so you can play with it until it is perfect.  
-You can set up the size of the cloud

They will ask you to give them your email and set up a FREE "cloud account".   They keep all the "clouds" for you.  After you check your email and "verify" you can then download it to print it out.  You can also share it via social media as well.

I downloaded the name "cloud", printed it out and put it in an old picture frame I found.  Dollar stores have great frames if you don't already have one. 

So in all, it only cost me today the amount for the ink I used. If I didn't have one, it would have only be a dollar and some change to make it.   Can't beat that.    
My girl LOVED it!!!!  She was so touched as she read through all the words.  
I think I will be doing some more of these for upcoming birthdays and other holidays.