Thursday, January 15, 2015

We Celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr.

We just finished our mini unit on Martin Luther King.   
This year, BubbyDooDoo Bear started to really understand more who he was and what was going on at that time.   It hit me that none of my loves can remember when there wasn't equality.   The thought of separate bathrooms, water fountains, and schools blows their minds.   One of the many blessings of homeschooling is watching their minds open with these "new" pieces of information and listening to them share their emotions about the events.   Mr. Man wrote an essay after watching the videos today.  I asked him to share HIS feelings in the end.  It was one sentence - "I think the white people were very wrong for being jerks to the black people."    HE is a man of few words. 

So this is what we used:

BrainPop -(click to watch the free movie) I downloaded BrainPop to my Kindle Fire.   They have a free movie about Civil Rights and Martin Luther King.  We watched this and took the quiz. 
There is a great, FREE resource set from Teachers Pay Teachers to go along with the BrainPop movie.  We didn't use it as it was for 3rd-5th grades.  It looks wonderful though. 

Then we watched part of his famous "I Have A Dream" speech.  

We used this FREE timeline resource from Teachers Pay Teachers.  This was awesome as there were two different timelines.  One for older kids and one perfect for BubbyDooDoo Bear. 

We used this FREE resource set from Teachers Pay Teachers to:

1. Describe Martin Luther King

2. "I Have A Dream" craft. 

BubbyDooDoo Bear wrote what his dream would be "one day".  I had seen a few different crafts on Pinterest using hands for Martin Luther King Day, like the one below.  

We did a blend of a few of them together.   Using the "I Have A Dream" sheet,  BubbyDooDoo Bear wrote his dream.   We traced one hand on a white sheet and one on a brown sheet of paper.  We used the hands and the trimmed "dream" paper and set them on a piece of construction paper.  I think it came out very well.