Saturday, November 29, 2014

Random Acts of Christmas Kindness for Kids

When December comes, our tradition for the past 6 years has been a version of gifting/activities kind of Advent.   I would figure out different activities to do each day of Christmas. Look for a blog post in the future with more details about this.

This year we are going to add to our Advent.   I found this cute blog -  Coffee Cups and Crayons .  Megan created this wonderful calendar for Random Acts of Christmas Kindness!  
I love this because is FOR KIDS!!!!!   Each day is a different act of kindness your kids are capable of doing.   How awesome is that?   A terrific way of getting your loves involved in GIVING in the season where most are only interested in GETTING.   It is also a great way to show your loves how to have a servant's heart like Jesus. 

Head over to Coffee Cups and Crayons to get your FREE calendar.  Just print it out and put it some place you and your loves can see it everyday.  ALSO, Coffee Cups and Crayons are on Facebook.   Megan will be putting up a picture of EACH DAY'S random act of Christmas kindness!!!!