Monday, November 17, 2014

Pinterest Anyone???

So how many of you Mommas are Pinterest crazy?  I don't think I am THAT over the top...yet.  I only have 59 boards with over 2,000 pins!  That isn't bad, right?? Huh??  

I would have more boards if I had time to go through and sift through the boards I have.  My "homeschooling" one really needs to be separated into subjects.   My "holidays" needs to be divided between holiday crafts, recipes, and gifts.  And on and on I could go.   

I just love to  "Pin".   I also find Pinterest so useful in finding crafts, science projects, and great ideas for teaching ideas for BubbyDooDoo Bear.  The recipes are fantastic and all the "dream" kitchens, bathrooms, and houses.   Let's not forget the beautiful  pictures of all the places I would love to "Bucket List Places".    

Here are some of my pins. Click on the pictures to take you to the sites. 

   Lasagna Roll Ups

Fairy Party Idea

Digestive System

Please post in the comments what your favorite pins or boards are!   
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