Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving Bingo - Free Printables

Found another great idea and FREE printable for Thanksgiving Day!
Everyone loves BINGO!  This is a great game that all can play - young and old. 

I found this awesome idea over at DLTK.  What is so awesome about their bingo cards is that YOU get to make them!  There are 6 steps and you get to pick and choose along the way!  I love to be able to customize things!  I will show you how I made mine. 

This is step #1 - choose which size card you want and if you want any free spaces. 

Step #2 - choose your theme.   There are many!  Scroll down until you see "Thanksgiving". 

Step #3 - Choose if you want black/white or color sheets.

Step #4 - Choose if you want vocabulary words added in. 

Step #5 -  Title your bingo cards.   They have great suggestions, but I didn't see any I liked for Thanksgiving.   As you see, I chose "Thank". 

Step #6 - Now it is time to print out your bingo cards and call out sheet.  Pay attention to the -"use the refresh/reload button to generate a new bingo card if you need to print multiples" - or you will be printing the same card over and over!  

Voila!!!  My Bingo Card!!

And the calling card! 
This was so easy.  Click HERE to go get your Thanksgiving Bingo Cards.