Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Moment of Triumph!!!

Bubby DooDoo Bear struggles with a stutter.   He has his good days and his bad ones.  It seems to be worsened by pressure or stress about something; or excitement to tell me something.   One area that it really effects him is in reading aloud.   

I am using Time4Learning with him this year for Language and Math.  In Language, each week  there is a "fluency" lesson. He needs to read a paragraph and he is timed. He clicks "start", reads, and then clicks"finished". Then it takes him to a graph showing him where he is. Then they hear someone read it, they read with someone, and then do it again. They want him at 90 words a minute. 

Well each week he started off low in the 30's and then the 2nd time, he gets a bit higher like in the 50's or 60's. I still praise him as there is an improvement. Nevertheless, it has been bothering him so much and he started to hate when he saw that lesson was coming. 

So last week and this week I decided to do it differently for him. I "pre-read" the paragraph, then he "pre-reads" the paragraph. Last week his first time was in the 60's and his last time was in the 80s. He was so excited. So the results of THIS week are below in the picture. He was super excited about his first read..and even more with the second. Love seeing the confidence in him!