Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Why Do Boys Hate Writing???

Sometimes trying to get Mr. Man and BubbyDooDoo Bear to write anything is like pulling teeth.  Can anyone relate??  

BubbyDooDoo Bear seems to have issues with coming up with the sentence on his own.  I help get him started, but then he HAS to have his own sentence.  He refuses to use mine, which is great!  Just getting him started is the problem.  He needs something to "spark" that imagination.  

Mr. Man's problem is grammar and the "just want to get it done" attitude.   "Proof Reading" is NOT in his vocabulary.  

You can get this great poster for free  HERE.  I got this from Creative Teaching blog. 

I created a worksheet for BubbyDooDoo Bear that is colorful and helps him with his "spark". 

You can get this sheet here.
If you do, please leave me a comment and share what YOU use as a "spark".