Monday, November 24, 2014

Life Cycle of a Pumpkin Unit Study

Before November leaves us, I wanted to do a unit study on the lifestyle of a pumpkin.  

BubbyDooDoo Bear and I are going to have lots of fun!!   

We are going to read "Pumpkin Circle" by George Levenson

We will be working on memorizing this poem through out our unit study week.   I found this treasure at DLTK

He will use this writing sheet to write about some things he learned during our reading time.  I found this at Oceans of First Grade Fun blog.

We are going to use these great FREE worksheets about the life cycle of a pumpkin from Mama's Learning Corner blog.

He can color these cards, cut them out, and use them for sequencing.  Preschool Alphabet is to thank for this one!

BubbyDooDoo Bear will then learn about the INSIDE of the pumpkin.
These come from a great set by Curriculum Castle at Teachers Pay Teachers. It is only $5, but there are so many different sheets to use.  Definitely should check it out.

Craft time is always a favorite for him.  This is super easy. You can find the life cycle circles at A to Z  Teacher Stuff Printables blog.  All you need is orange and brown construction paper, green thread and crayons.  Super fun!!

Now that we have completed our unit study, time to see what he has learned!!  This is a great writing sheet to evaluate him with.   Another great sheet from Oceans of First Grade Fun blog.

All that is left is baking class!!!  We will use our family recipe to make a delicious pumpkin pie! Great way to celebrate our unit study!