Saturday, November 15, 2014

Grocery shopping = field trip????

As I mentioned in the "About Me" section, if you haven't read it, I deliver newspapers to provide some income so I can homeschool my loves.   Our day is pretty hectic and there is very little time to do lots of errands.  
We try very hard to do all our errands on one day.  GROCERY SHOPPING DAY.  I used to to hate these days until I started delivering papers.   Now it is like a field trip!   

1.  We get out of the house!

2. Sometimes we only do half a day of school and once in awhile, we take that day off, depending on if there are Dr. appointments and such. 

3. Learning always happens.

4. Laughter and fun.

Mr. Man and BubbyDooDoo Bear being my silly loves!   Pumpkin Pie and I got some Starbucks!  

5. Eating out!  An all time favorite for all of us.  

How do you do your GROCERY SHOPPING DAY?