Thursday, November 20, 2014

Next Great Baker

Mr. Man is 14, so he is at that age where he is starting to think about THE question.  You know what one that is - "What am I going to do when I grow up?" question.  

One of the MANY reasons I love homeschooling is because I have the opportunity to give my loves "tastes" of the different careers they are interested in.  

With Pumpkin Pie, who now is in her last semester of community college,  was able to r experience what she as interested in.   She loved horses and thought she wanted to maybe be a vet, or horse trainer, etc.  She went away to camp for a week during Equine week.  As much as she loved/loves horses, that was not for her.   She loved to bake and thought she would like to be a cake decorator.   That was fun... for awhile.   She has always loved to draw, always!  Before she could even write, she drew stories and then would "read" them to us.   I found courses for her to take in different areas of  the Art Spectrum.   She also loved to write.  I found a one-year creative writing curriculum that walked her through writing a novel during the year.   She really liked these last two things.  By the time she went to college, she KNEW what she was going for ~ Graphic Design.  Many of the freshmen were still "lost".  Many took "General Studies".  I was so glad she had answered THE question before she went.  She still has to transfer to another college as Graphic Design firms require at LEAST 3 years of education.   While she was in college, she did so well in her graphic design classes, her teacher asked her to be a teacher's aide for this last semester.   She now is thinking she might want to teach Graphic Design because she loves teaching and helping the students learn the programs. 

It is now Mr. Man's turn.  He is interested in cooking and baking.   I let him cook as much as he wants to.  I allow him to experiment with spices and herbs.   It is a treat to not have to cook dinner, too!   

Sunday I was totally spoiled.  Pumpkin Pie came for a weekend visit.  She wanted Andes Candies brownies. We picked up some chips and MY favorite Reese's PB chips to make peanut butter brownies.   So after dinner, Mr. Man made THREE batches of brownies!!!!    Andes, Reeses', and regular.   Oh soooooooo good!!!    

(Fudge brownies + Reese's PB chips) + (Fudge brownies + Andes chips) + (Fudge Brownies) = 

He even sprinkled some chopped up  PB chips on top! 

Minty delight!

Yummmy fudge goodness. 

Oh how I am so blessed!