Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Mommas Need Time Outs, Too!

I have never met a momma yet that didn't need some time out.   Some quiet time.  Some peaceful time.   Time to recharge and feed the soul.   Time to get refreshed.    Time to think and heal.   

Many of us do NOT take the time to do this, or don't do it enough.   We each know what we need to restore our spirits and bodies.   It helps us to be better mommas to our loves.  

I saw this picture on Facebook today and immediately knew that MY time out was coming near.   My soul needs to be replenished with some alone time (longer than 10 minutes) with my Father.   A little quiet not only for my ears, but in my spirit ... to hear Him.   To let Him lift me up and love me, so I then can shower my loves the same way.   

Share ways you recharge, refresh, spend your time out.