Sunday, November 23, 2014

THANKSgiving Pumpkin Craft

Here is a great craft to do with your whole family!   You may want to do this before Thanksgiving dinner and use them as decorations.   Maybe you want to do this craft ON Thanksgiving Day with your extended family and friends joining in!  It is super simple, super fun, and gets everyone thinking about what they are thankful for. 

As I was on Pinterest, I came across this great idea, "pinned" it, and clicked on the "pin" to see how to make it.  That brought me to this super cute blog - The Moffatt Girls 

You need orange and green construction paper.   Write what you are thankful for on 8 strips of orange paper.  Cut out 2 green thin strips and two leaves for the name of the creator of the THANKSgiving pumpkin and the year.  

Using a brad or a stapler, arrange each orange strip as seen below. This brad or staple will be the "bottom" of your  pumpkin.

Take the two green strips and curl them using a pencil. These will be the "vines".

Bring the orange strips up together and staple them with the leaves and vines.  Voila! A THANKSgiving Pumpkin!