Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Repetition, Repetition......

I have discoverd that BubbyDooDoo Bear has a focusing issue.  He is a wiggly worm.   I give him breaks inbetween subjects.   I have a small indoor trampoline that he can use up the "extra" energy he has.  What a blessing that jumping joy giver has become!   God wired his beautiful brain to require repetition to aid him learning.   He and I are still "learning as we go" about what works best for him and what doesn't. 

I found this EXCELLENT daily learning notebook that meets those repetition needs. 

Confessions of a... Homeschooler created this great elementary set. 

  Some of the pages you put in page protectors as you use the daily.

Others work through each month.

There are more pages and more fun for our loves as they work through their school year.  A great way to look back and see what their year was like.  There is even a handwriting page where each month your love writes their name.  That way they can see the progression throughout the year!