Monday, November 10, 2014

Fire Safety Day!!

Today was our co-op day.  {I will talk about that in another post!}   One of the mom's wanted to do fire safety today.  I just happen to know the president of the Fireman's Association - my hubby!   So he took off time from work today to give the kids a tour.    

Two of the trucks that the kids were allowed to go into! 

First things first!  Every fireman knows they need to wear a hat!

Fireman Hubby showing them the rescue truck!

My BubbyDooDoo Bear!!!! My heart!

Fireman Hubby showing them his mask he has to wear into a fire.

Talking to the kids about fire detectors, fire exit routes, stop-drop-and roll, and precautions.   Great job Fireman Hubby!!!   

If you want some great printouts about fire safety, go to  Clever Classroom Blog   She has a wonderful set that will be perfect for you and your loves!